3 ways to keep your break room smell free - The Cleanables

Writer: Manal Zafar

Break Rooms in offices are usually a place for co-workers to gather, have lunch, and gossip. On the other hand, the break room can be a deadly source of diseases if not properly cleaned. It is important for the health of employees to keep the break room disinfected and airy. Regularly deep cleaning the break room to make it free from germs and viruses is good practice. Otherwise, it can result in serious ailments and disease outbreaks.

If your breakroom often has a mysterious smell that you fail to identify the source of, then read ahead on how to get rid of it.

Have a dry trash bin – How to keep it dry

If we talk about the trash bin, the priority is to keep it dry. Usually, bacteria contamination and nasty smells emerge when the trash bin gets wet. The wet bin contains a lot of growth of bacteria as a result of the mixing of substances. So avoid mixing organic waste with regular trash. Try to have separate waste bin containers for dry waste and liquid or organic waste to, avoid having a smelly break room.

How to stop a Fridge from stinking – Use baking soda

A refrigerator is an essential component of a Break room. The majority of leftovers end up in refrigerators, but they shouldn’t be kept there for more than one day. The use of lunch boxes for keeping food in a fridge is a better choice than using plastic and paper bags.

However, if your fridge gets stinky despite keeping food in containers, use baking soda otherwise known as sodium bicarbonate. It is a non-toxic household essential used to get rid of smells. Just spread baking soda inside the refrigerator and it will neutralize the smell.

The use of disposable items –How it keeps us away from bacteria

Usually, items like sponges, dish bars, and moist cleaning towels are the source of bacteria that is responsible for producing bad odors in the place. Replace cloth towels with single-use disposable paper towels for less bacterial growth. You can regularly replace sponges and keep dish cleaning essentials and the surrounding area dry to eliminate the presence of bacteria that cause mold and smells.

And if you still end up with a mysterious smell in the break room, then just light a scented candle. Candles are great for neutralizing smells and also help to make a space smell clean and fresh.

Breakrooms are places where we often congregate with our colleagues and consume food so it is of the utmost importance that we keep this area clean and sanitary. Having a fresh and clean break room creates a positive impact on our health. Use of all these precautions will help you make the break room smell clean.