The Difference Between Car Wash and Car Detailing Service

There is much confusion between Car washing and Detailing. Most people cannot differentiate between both services. Car detailing is a complicated and in-depth form of cleaning and washing whereas Car washing is routine washing and cleaning services. However, both have their own merits and demerits as well as their own specific purpose and schedule. The following description draws the comparison between Car Wash and Car Detailing.

The Basics of Car Wash.

Car Wash service is very simple. It contains the service of cleaning or washing away the tar, dirt, salt, or environmental particles and debris from your car. This service of simple washing can be rendered at home by you or it can be done at traditional service stations. Washing car by yourself is considered non-professional wash; it may damage some of important part as color, shining or plastics of the dashboard. The professional will take care of all the important parts of your car. They know how to deal with such parts.

Main Steps of Washing Car.

Simple washing a car is an easy job and it is a very basic one. You may rinse your car, wet the car with water, soap it, or shampoo it and rinse it again. This is a very basic and easy job, thus it may be operated by you at home. However, the professional hands go into surface depth like crannies and nooks.

As the things are advanced, the advanced technology in traditional washing service contains some automatic brushes, wheel cleaning spry, or waxes.

The basics of auto detailing.

The basics of auto detailing are more complex rather than the service of Car Washing. This service is rendered to maintain the car or vehicle for a long period and it keeps the color and shining as a new look. It also avoids or minimizes the tear and wear of a car.

Auto detailing service not only involves cleaning, washing, and waxing your car but also includes the thorough cleaning of both sides interior and exterior. This service also includes shampooing, polishing, and washing the carpet along with maintenance of your car’s headlights. Auto detailing service is time taking service. It takes hours or sometimes a day to complete the task. Therefore, this service is more expensive than simple car washing. However, you need this service once every six months or season.

Detailers wash a car with highly advance equipment and tools which do not hurt the body of the car or its color. Secondly, it removes the debris, dirt, and dust from the gear panel, wheel, and steering internal side. Sometimes, they use highly expensive polish or loose paint to remove deep scratches.

Lastly, these both services are used to protect your car from scratches and deep lines. However, detailing a car is served for maintenance and freshness whereas Washing a Car is served for rinsing, cleaning, and washing. The ideal is one who washes his car daily or weekly and gets it detailed twice a year because this scheme enlarges the life of a car and keeps it as fresh as the new one.