Full Service Steam Wash

We aim at a thorough cleaning every time which is why we use Steam technology to ensure your vehicle is spotless inside and out.

Steam and Extraction

We use steam and micro-fabric cloth to clean your car and give it a fresh look. Also, we use extraction as it is the best-proven technique for carpet and car upholstery cleaning.


A car shampooer is another feature our professional steam cleaner use. This additional level of cleaning is often necessary for soiled carpets and interiors.


Snow foaming/canon foaming is a technique in which a cleaning foam is sprayed on the exterior of the car. This thick cleaning agent cleans deep into the paint, glass, and other surfaces of the vehicle.


Upholstery is the primary contact surface in a vehicle. Our Steam cleaners can safely clean leather, fabric, and other manmade materials. For leather, we use a microfiber cloth. As we come across stains on fabric, we use a soft bristle brush to get them out via spot cleaning.

Seats-Shampooer & Extractor

Cleaning seats with an extractor can give the best results. It not only loosens dust, dirt, and debris, we will powerfully pull it up from the fibers of the seat fabric. We use shampoo with the extractor for the most in-depth cleaning job.


Carpet fibers house dirt and grime. Effective cleaning and sanitizing of carpets require steamer technology. We remove the floor mats and clean them separately. While they are out, steam cleans the exposed flooring area.

Carpets-Shampooer & Extractor

We spray and apply a cleaning agent on the carpets. The cleaning agent will soak, and loosen the dirt while breaking down stains. Different climates bring different types of car mats and carpet stains. A steamer can dissolve the salt stains as it penetrates the fibers for a refreshed look. Bring on the worst and clean it! The extractor can then be used to extract the steam and cleaning solution from the carpeting.


No need to use chemicals when you clean windows with steam. Clean exterior and interior windows streak-free by using the window steam tool. We use a squeegee and a microfiber cloth to easily remove the residual steam.

Cup Holders

Cup holders get sticky and are tough to get into and clean. Steam will liquefy and dislodge pieces and stains and will easily wipe away with a cloth.

Glove Boxes

It is not always about just cleaning. It is also about a totally clean and sanitized car. We take the items out of the glove box and clean in detail.

Door Jambs or Foot Panels

These areas get greasy and are often overlooked. Door jams can get scuffed and grimy as passengers enter and exit cars. We shoot steam into this hard-to-clean section to effectively dissipate the dirt.

Door Panels

Steam is used to get these large surfaces clean. Door panels can get scuff marks that may take a little more effort. We use steam and brush as part of our technique to reduce or eliminate these marks.

Gas and Brake Pedals

We do our best to keep the key operating components such as gas and brake pedals clean and grease-free for the safest driving possible. We take that into consideration while using steam technology to get to these hard to reach places.


A dashboard is a focus area of a car’s interior. Dashboards house many functions and are always in front of passengers. We use steam to clean this hard surface until it gleams.

Grab Handles

We keep vinyl and leather grab handles clean and sanitized with a car steamer. Keeping these clean in vehicles is more important than ever. Feel confident in the sanitization power of a car steamer.


Just like a duct system in a home, the ventilation system in a vehicle gathers dust and dirt. Keep the air in the car cleaner by cleaning the ventilation system. Powering the steam through one section of the vents allows it to propel its way through the connected system. We vent your ducts with clear steam to generate a new car scent smell.

Seat Belts

Drivers and passengers use seat belts every trip. Seat belts are in constant contact with the people they protect in addition to the buckling and unbuckling. A steamer will allow us to blast and loosen dirt for easy removal.

Steering Wheels

Clean and sterilize this heavily touched part of the car. As your car steam cleaner we will remove all the hidden dirt and grease that gets embedded in the steering wheel.

Exhaust Pipes

Cleaning the outside of shiny chrome or other metal exhaust pipes will keep these pipes looking their best while prolonging their life. We clean it all thoroughly.

Gear Shifts

This is another high-touch mechanism of a car. We clean it well with steam.

Trunk and Cargo Storage Areas

People load their groceries and many other items in these areas. We use a car shampooer on the carpeted areas and a steamer on the vinyl sections to keep these areas disinfected, ready for loading and showroom new.

Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors are common in cargo and passenger vans. We use a car steamer for this large area to remove the oil, dirt and other materials that get tracked into the vehicle.

Baby Seats

Steam sanitation takes on a higher importance here. Baby seats gather bacteria and become stained. We shampoo it with a safe cleaning product and using an extractor to get the job done right.

Running Boards

All that stepping to get in and out carries materials including shopping lot stains and gas station oil and gas. We use a steam cleaner for this sprawling surface.


Keep the power side mirrors free to adjust. We steam clean them and make them streak-free and neat for a clear view.

Between Exterior Panels

There are many areas on a car and truck where panels meet each other. The rear window meeting the side metal panel is an example. We use the steamer with the proper end and blast any small particles that collect there.

Bumpers and Fenders

Keep the front and back metal and rubber clean and shiny with steam cleaning. We apply the steam with consistent pressure which will dissolve bugs and other things that have accumulated on the bumper.


Road chemicals, dust, dirt, brake dust and many other substances build up on car and truck wheels. Steam washing them will dissolve and easily remove these invaders.


Tires are a highly visible part of a car or truck. Along with the size and detail, the appearance and condition of the tires complete the style and profile of the vehicle. We use a steamer to compliment the car for a 100% clean and showroom drive-off tire look.

Engine Cleaning

There is nothing like a clean and shiny engine. Engines become coated with carbon, oil and other greasy materials. As steam cleaner, we restore an engine’s appearance to its near original condition. Steam is the right choice for delivering the right balance of heat and pressure. There are electronic components that run the risk of disconnection if a standard pressure washer is used.


Spoilers are known to add style and accentuate the sporty look of a car or truck. We follow all the curves, edges and crevices of the spoiler


Spoilers are known to add style and accentuate the sporty look of a car or truck. We follow all the curves, edges and crevices of the spoiler

Full Exterior Washes

We use a cleaning or foaming agent if our client wish. As general, Steam is an effective and efficient way to wash any part of a car’s exterior.


Road chemicals, dust, dirt, brake dust and many other substances build up on car and truck wheels. Steam washing them will dissolve and easily remove these invaders.

Wheel Wells

There may be road chemicals, tar and other materials that build up in the wheel wells. We safely get underneath the wheel wheels with a steamer.

Gas Tanks

We keep the gas tank free of dust, dirt and grime with a good steam cleaning

Air Filters

We remove the air filter cover and steam clean a dirty air filter to rejuvenate the materials.

Emblem Cleaning

Emblems often complete the look of a car or truck. Emblems are large across truck tail gates and stand out on cars. We make them showroom shiny as our steam gets in between each letter with steam. No grime and all shine.


Grills make a statement as a car pulls up. Finishes from mat black to shiny chrome will all look impressive with our car steamer cleaning

Truck Beds

Walk right up and get in the corners to clean a truck bed. No matter what it is used for, they all deserve a cleaning now and then. Debris of any kind, including leaves and small stones, will be blown and washed away with our steamer and blower.

Hard to Reach Areas

Nothing is out of reach of our steam cleaner. There are many parts of cars and trucks that steamers easily reach that are otherwise challenging for traditional car washing. Steam penetrates and reaches every surface, regardless of the angle and shape.

Hard to Clean Contaminants

Tar, tree sap, bird droppings, acidic rain are all things that can stick and challenge car surfaces. They can also challenge basic car cleaning techniques. Using a steamer can dissolve many of these invaders. They can be rinsed away or wiped off with a cloth when needed.

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