Office Cleaning Services
Whether you work in an office setting or urgent care, hiring the right cleaner is essential for a healthy, productive workplace. Should you employ your own team or hire a professional company? We’ll discuss five benefits of outsourcing your cleaning services so you can choose what’s best for your organization.

1. Outsourcing Commercial Cleaning Services is Cost-Effective

While an in-house crew may seem more efficient, other factors will contribute to your overall expenses. Outsourcing your cleaning services maximizes your budget by reducing spending in areas like:

  • Cleaning supplies and equipment: Your in-house staff needs the right tools to do their job effectively. Cleaning equipment also requires regular maintenance, replacements or repairs. With outsourcing, you can cut or even eliminate these costs. Professional cleaners bring their own supplies, and the best cleaning companies have access to the latest technology.
  • Hiring: You want the best for your company, meaning you need to screen, interview and onboard the right people. Recruitment expenses can add up quickly, especially if you’re hiring an entire team — the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) places the average cost per hire at $4,425. Hiring a professional cleaning service ensures you get high-quality results and exceptional value with no turnover.
  • Training: Formal training reduces the risk of damages, improper cleaning and other safety and liability concerns. However, this investment costs time and an average of $1,286 per recruit. Outsourced commercial cleaning services let you skip the process, providing you with flawless outcomes and immediate peace of mind.
  • Wages, benefits and taxes: Maintaining your building’s appearance is an ongoing process — what if your cleanables requirements change? Expert cleaning services let you adjust your rates based on your organization’s needs. Rather than paying a flat sum, you can get the services you want at the right price every time.

2. Outsourcing Janitorial Services Improves Building Maintenance

Thorough maintenance offers more than improved cleanliness. It boosts employee morale, health and savings on more costly repairs and servicing. Professional cleaners have the training and motivation to help you consistently maintain a safer, more productive environment:

  • High standards: Professionals value your satisfaction. They adhere to strict guidelines, use the latest techniques and equipment and offer reliable customer support to ensure you receive your desired results.
  • Follow-ups: The best companies know that your customer experience goes beyond cleaning. High-quality providers like the cleanables will check in with you through weekly calls, quarterly reviews and monthly reports. If you have any concerns, you can expect a prompt resolution thanks to diligent after-service monitoring.
  • Efficiency: You specialize in a specific field, and so do your cleaners. Their knowledge, experience and equipment allow them to complete jobs faster than in-house employees, making building maintenance more manageable and effective.

3. Professional Cleaning Services Reduce Your Workload

Whether you’re an operations manager, business owner or decision-maker, you have a lot on your plate. Outsourcing simplifies the entire Cleanables process, allowing you to streamline your work, get more done and save time and money. You can have:

  • Comprehensive services: You require a team that can cover a wide range of cleanables services, and skilled workers are increasingly hard to find. Outsourcing eliminates the cost and risk of recruiting and retaining these employees. From pressure washing to hard floor cleaning, you’ll have every commercial cleaning solution in one convenient place.
  • Minimal paperwork: When employing an in-house team, you’ll also have to manage job applications, tax forms, documents and other administrative duties. Staying on top of paperwork takes up valuable time, but hiring outsourced providers is quick and easy — assess your needs, read and sign a contract and get the job done.
  • Delegate your work: Managing your responsibilities makes you a more effective leader. By outsourcing, you’ll have the most competent people on duty, more efficient operations and better outcomes. Successful delegators can dedicate more attention to strategizing, managing higher-level tasks and helping their business grow.

4. Outsourced Service Providers Are Dependable

Continuously maintaining your facility requires a dependable service provider. When you need consistent results, a reliable company offers quality assurance in every aspect, including:

  • Availability: Employees may be absent due to sickness, injury or vacation time. Whether you need holiday or emergency servicing, you can count on professionals to be there when — and where — you need them. Multisite owners and managers will benefit from nationwide coverage.
  • Longevity: An expert cleanables service provider has years of experience and countless completed projects under their belt. Such long-standing companies often have a loyal client base and excellent reviews, showcasing their ability to deliver high-quality work every time. Receive their expertise and exceptional results without the training times or costs.
  • Responsiveness: Time is money. If you run into an issue or quality defect, an outsourced provider will resolve it as quickly as possible. the cleanables even pairs you with a program manager who’s available for around-the-clock help.
  • Accountability: You expect your providers to arrive, accomplish tasks and report to you on time. Your outsourced company will use innovative software like Lighthouse to boost efficiency, track progress and keep you in the loop.

5. Expert Cleaners Can Accommodate Specific Requests

Different businesses and industries have different needs. Whether you want weekly or daily cleaning, outsourced services have the flexibility and versatility to accommodate your requirements. We’ll handle requests of any size or complexity:

  • Numerous industries: Cleanliness is a desirable quality in any field. No matter what industry you work in, professional cleaners can make your facility sparkle. We provide exceptional outcomes across multiple industries while complying with field or facility-specific standards.
  • Customized solutions: A competent company understands that every client is unique. At cleanables, we tailor our services to fit your commercial site. You can trust us to meet your needs, from construction cleanup to day-to-day management.
  • Individualized experience: With outsourced cleaning services, you’re in charge. Enjoy a client-centric experience that caters to your preferences with real-time data, custom quality reporting and an extra layer of insurance. If you have business-specific demands, you can easily track compliance, offer feedback and adjust your services.

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